Wednesday, March 17, 2010

rainbow sugar cookies

What better way to celebrate St Patricks Day or any day for that matter, than with rainbow sugar cookies! Now i wouldn't have been able to do this if i hadn't have seen Cheeky Kitchen's fabulous blog! She did an amazing job on her cookies, colour, shape and that difficult little shamrock centre...which i gave up on and made plain green rounds instead =)

As you can see my rainbow ones turned out quite well, first time round, not bad! I cannot wait to make these again! They were a hit at my husbands work, he said that all 80 biccies dissappeared in about five minutes!

I made the ones with rainbow these are fun and simply GORGEOUS to look at!
And i made up a rainbow swirl, with the left over coloured dough pieces, by layering the colours in stripes across a rectangle of plain cookie dough and rolling up to slice off and bake.

Ah, here are my plain green ones that did once aspire to be shamrock centred. I didn't quite master it and must admit i got frustrated and just smooshed the dough! And baked it.

Next time i will try the hardest first so i can take a break, because by the time i started these i had made all the other ones and kinda run outta time and patience, practice will make perfect, but it's not a bad thing to want it to work straight away! =)

The only thing i did different to Cheeky Kitchen's recipe is used my own sugar cookie dough, which i am used to making in bulk and handling. I also didn't fill them with creme, trying to be a little good....just a little! I can't afford the best food colourings yet, i have my eye on some though, so my colours aren't as bright as they could be, but i'm happy!

My Sugar Cookie Recipe - Makes about 80

1 cup butter
2 cups sugar
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
4 cups all purpose flour

Cream together the butter and sugar, add vanilla, egg, salt, then slowly mix in sifted flour and baking powder until it makes a firm dough. I always add a little milk if it needs more moisture, never more than a tsp or so.

Colour, roll, mould, shape the dough to what ever you need and bake for 10 minutes at 180C/350F. I like them just cooked through but not browned too much. You'll get a feel for it.

These cookies look wondeful stacked, such fabulous colours to eat =)

THANKYOU Cheeky Kitchen!


  1. Hey there.. your cookies are so beautiful! Can you explain in a bit more detail how you made the ones with the rainbow edges? I don't really understand. Thanks! :D

  2. Oh my goodness! I cannot wait to make these!!! Fantastic :)

  3. These looks SO COOL! You did a really nice job on the colors!

  4. do you have an etsy shop?or is someone using your photos?

  5. Kelly O Those are my photos and that is NOT my Etsy, i have done what i can to let that person know about the fact that i am NOT happy, i have also found a Facebook with photos on by the same person.

    Thankyou VERY much i really appreciate your honesty and bringing this to my attention! By the looks of things most of those photos aren't hers because they all have a different style to them.

    Sad really, people like that ruin it for the rest of us =(

  6. I'm sorry if I upset you... I wanted to make some rainbow cookie of some type, googled and found her etsy shop (no recipe of course) then found your site and couldn't believe the resemblance! total fluke.

    you can email etsy admin directly (there's little link at the bottom of the page to report concerns) so that they can get to the bottom of it.
    A friend of mine had a similar experience about a year ago and the person denied stealing photos and in the end Etsy "denied" them having a shop. the price of doing business.

  7. You didn't upset me, what she has done upset me lol! I found 18 website/blogs that she had stolen from and notified them abotutwhat was going on!

    Etsy legal didn't help me at all, they said i had to sort it out with her, she denied it all of course and told me they had stolen FROM HER!!

    BAH! I just hope this will teach her a lesson and she will be honest and post her own pictures of her products for her business, so far 6 people have goten back to me just as shocked and thankful it has been brought to their attention!

    I sincerely thankyou Kelly =) It's lucky people like you are honest enough to let someone know!

    Have a great week!

  8. She stole from big names too, Brown Eyed Baker and Bakerella amongst a lot of very well done blogs with beautiful photos and recipes to browse!

  9. so sad :(
    it says she's a Christian in her profile...
    I'm a Christian, and I'm not perfect but I know right from wrong...

  10. My kids would love these!!!


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