About Carly

Just an aussie girl in her mid 30's, who is originally from Adelaide and lived in Brisbane for the last ten years and now recently migrated to Canada to be with my wonderful Canadian husband! Hell yeah! As you can see from the picture i thoroughly enjoyed winter!

I've been working in hospitality since before i left school. Completing work experience at Pizza Hut and football club bars, then starting out with a catering company working as a casual staff member at catering functions, grand prix events in Adelaide and more.  Then i worked in a government cafeteria, which is where i first learnt how to organise myself, and the cleaning up and make sandwiches AND make coffee using an espresso machine. Then along came an opportunity at an army barracks, looking after the Officer's Mess dining room, which was split shift but i was fortunate to get to hangout in the kitchen in between and watch the chefs in action.

I moved away to Port Lincoln and was unemployed for a short time, which is when i started up a little candy store, youknow where you had these big stainless steel scales and could buy 50c worth of candy if that's all you had. Lolliholics was what i called it =)

Alas, people can only eat so much candy and the cafe next door had the monopoly on coffees etc so i moved back down to Adelaide and studied Commercial Cookery! Loved it!

*still in progress*
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