Monday, May 3, 2010

coconut cake #1

Just your everyday moist coconut cake from Women's Weekly! An old favourite i remember making in high school, and found the scanned recipe in my archive! I have so many "coconut cake" recipes. I think i'll try each and every one in the search for the perfect recipe!

That's not my cake up there, hehe. That's the scanned image. Now, as you can see it is a lot different from mine. Story goes like this. In Australia we have plain flour and self-raising flour for different recipe uses.

Here in Canada all the recipes use "all-purpose" flour and you add either baking soda or baking powder. I completely spazzed out and didn't put any in this cake. AND on top of that forgot to check if i had enough coconut and eggs. What a day.

My cake turned out perfectly. It wasn't until we cut it and ate it i thought, ooh, that's heavier than i remember, tastes great...very dense and moist...*DING* i remembered about the baking powder!! What a wally! As for the icing, it's straight up icing sugar and milk. Yep, no coconut ice frosting for this baby.

The temperature is stated as "moderate oven, i used 160C/325F for the hour and it was perfectly golden and cooked through =)

Needless to say, the cake was awesome, my husband loved it and it's pretty much almost gone!

I plan on returning and making this "the right way" very soon. Although my husband thinks i should forget things more often....i don't know about that....

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  1. Your cakes look scrummy - love your blog! xxH


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