Sunday, July 11, 2010

peach cupcakes

These were scrumptious! Thankyou again to Smitten Kitchen's fabulous recipe!

I used canned peaches as the fresh ones are a bit out of my budget range right now, they still tasted pretty great, although i imagine with fresh peaches they would be just simply amazing! Such a nice subtle flavour with the spices and using the vanilla yoghurt gave it that moist slightly sweet taste. Overall a bit hit in our house!!

Apologies for being absent lately, we have my husbands five year old with us permanently now and i'm becoming accustomed to being a fulltime MUM!! I hope to be able to start baking and blogging soon, when he gets off to Grade One i'm sure..i hope...i'll have more time!!??

We are also moving house, we currently rent a room and a half in a house with younger fellas and it isn't working out, so we are on the lookout for our own home!!

I am still stopping by and checking all your delicious recipes, stories and photos daily (on the minutes i get for breaks!) You keep me inspired and happy!

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