Monday, December 14, 2009

tourtière, round one

Being in Canada now, my husband is showing me the ways of French cuisine, and all things HE likes to eat! This pie seems a little strange to me, even though i'm an Australian and we LOVE pie!

But, i like new flavours and challenges, so i decided to make it, from scratch, following the recipe exactly. Which i found at my favourite source of all things "Canadian", Canadian Living, the recipe is HERE This is an interesting resource for someone like me who knows all things Australian and some other cultures, but here it's a culture in itself, being a much more colder climate than i'm used to! Brisbanes winter is like a combination of spring and autumn here!

It was great! A little strong on the spices, which i think i would tone down a little next time, and maybe add a little more mushroom and an extra stick of celery to beef it up a little.

I'd definately make this again, we had some with mash potatoes and gravy, and some with a side salad. My husband likes his tomato sauce, or as they say here "ketchup", which i don't personally like to put on anything, considering i like to think everything i cook tastes so good that you don't need it! He did say it didn't need it *yay* , with the gravy but out of habit he put some on when we didn't have gravy =)

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