Sunday, September 26, 2010

graham crackers

Graham Crackers. Heard of them. Never tried them, bought them or baked them....until now! It isn't something we have in Australia, but i wish we did! They taste really good....depending on how long you cook them for they can be crunchy like "crackers" or softer like a deep honey flavoured gingerbread type cookie.

A hit in this house! But of course i couldn't just make them in regular standard squares like they are supposed to be, i had to mess around and make them my own! So i pulled out the little crocodile cutter my mum sent me a while back and make "crocodile" crackers!!

The recipe i used came from one of my favourite bloggers, Smitten Kitchen who so far has never let me down recipe wise! Every one used has been a success. And as a lot of you just never know when you try other peoples recipes!!

You can find the recipe @ Smitten Kitchen! Where she gives a great blog entry to go with a fantastic recipe! I made mine without the topping and they were delicious!!

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