Friday, February 5, 2010

rainbow jelly

i love jelly. the colours, the texture, the fun you can have with it!
i've been browsing online for jelly recipes that are a little more fun and unusual that your everyday bowl of jello. i found quite a few recipes which i can guarantee i will try as this first experiment went so well, looked so good and tasted great!

ok. so...
i picked 6 packets of jelly for colour and flavours i like =)
(grape, blueberry, lime, lemon, orange & raspberry)
i used a 9"x13"x2" pyrex bowl but you could use smaller one for thicker layers
line the pan lightly with a non stick spray, get a flat fridge space ready

starting with purple/grape ( i wanted red on top to finish)
boil water.

mix jelly into 1 cup of boiled water stir well until dissolved.
measure and pour 2/3 cup of this mix into the base of your pan.
refrigerate. leave to set for minimum 15 minutes

meanwhile add enough cool whip/thick cream to make the remaining jelly mix back up to 2/3 cup, stir well until mixed and wait.

once the other layer is set, pour the cream/jelly mix over the top evenly and wait another 15 minutes and repeat with the other flavours.

most important is to make sure your tray is straight
and that you WAIT for it to set before you move it or add more =)
patience...for wondrous things await you hehe

original recipe found here browsing google last night =)

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