Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day cookies

so it all began with a recipe i found whilst browsing bloggers (im always browsing) at Bake at 350 an excellent foodie blog, with loads of delicious treats to try!
the cookies turned out perfect, and the recipe was so easy to follow. i managed to get 32 hearts out of one batch...

after lining the edges with a slightly thicker icing then filling the centre with a slightly runnier icing they came out so neat, i never expected to be able to make them look that nice =) i was pleasantly suprised!
i used a skewer to push the icing to the edges....technique made easy thanks to the tutorial of decorating sugar cookies 101 by the lovely amanda - i am baker
then it was time to just decorate and mess around with colour, my hands are way too shaky, probably because it's been a while since i've done anything like this! but practice makes perfect, and oh what a shame, i'll have to make more cookies and keep trying! (my husband LOVED these and wants more) i showed him all the cookie decorators i know on flickr and he was amazed! (then proceeded to point out the ones he'd like to eat!)

here are a few of the designs i messed around with...nothing special at all...i was worn out from all the edging and filling on 32 cookies!

then i made some plain red hearts...and i was happy with those!
Happy Valentine's Day! xo

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