Friday, April 2, 2010

chocolate pistachio tarts

Just for fun, seeing as i had leftover chocolate cookie dough. I thought i'd try to make tart shells out of them. I rolled it about 3-4 mm thick and baked them at 200C for 15mins. Not bad. Then due to lack of funds and it being Good Friday, i foraged what was left in my pantry and found a packet of pistachio Jello.

Ok, i was curious now, so i whipped it up popped it in the tarts and grated some chocolate on top. They look cute. Should have made these for St Patty's day!

I think the weird thing is the pistachio jello tastes good but ever so slightly false, but i think it's the cookie dough that's too much. Maybe a normal pastry tart lined with chocolate then the pistachio jello ....hmmm....and maybe a chocolate mousse in the chocolate cookie tart.....double hmmm....overall an interesting experiment =)

I have heard that people use the pistachio jello mix in their cake batters and such. Maybe i'll try that one day too!

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