Tuesday, April 6, 2010

peanut butter & chocolate cake

Yes, i made my own birthday cake! But what fun i had, and how delicious did it turn out! The chocolate part was for my husband, he's not a big fan of peanut butter, so that part was for me!=)

Here you can see the homemade divider i made. I was going to make half the cake chocolate and half peanut butter. That was too easy. I said to myself, let's go quarters and see what that looks like!

The recipes were a little different in consistency so i made sure the peanut butter was in correct placement an filled up the chocolate. When it baked it was pretty much the same level, although i forgot to smooth over the peanut butter side and shoved it right in the oven...whoops!

Turned out ok, and i had to trim the tops to make them flat for filling anyway, so it's all good.

Ok, so now for the recipes i used. Everyone seemed to be making this peanut butter chocolate cake from Sky High so i went to Smitten Kitchen and followed the recipe from there! That was for the chocolate cake and the peanut butter frosting.

I then needed a peanut butter cake recipe for my part, and found How To Eat A Cupcake's Blog and found these delicious looking peanut butter cupcakes...and figured i'd use that! Then for the chocolate frosting i used a trusty old recipe i've used forever and forgotten where it came from, see here for the recipe =)

For the CHOCOLATE cake with CHOCOLATE frosting:
Go HERE : Smitten Kitchen and use the chocolate cake batter, with my frosting


It's confusing i know, but i had fun and the cakes were scrumptious! The sour cream chocolate cake i will definately make again, my husband loved it! The peanut butter cupcakes i would try as cupcakes, it turns out a little dense, and i added an extra half a cup of milk to thin it out a little, still with that cream cheese frosting, it was a peanut butter dream! Happy Birthday Me xo

p.s my husband LOVED the chocolate cake so much he said to me "if i ever ask for chocolate cake again or you make some, PLEASE make that one!" hehe, i love him so much xo

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