Monday, September 12, 2011

it's beet week

So i bought a 10lb bag of  beets on Saturday and figured i'd try a few new interesting recipes which involve beets! I made a short list of recipes i'd really like to try, today being the kid's birthday i think i'll start with the donuts! I'm really looking forward to this little challenge and new taste sensations!

1. Glazed Beet Donuts from A Good Appetite   DONE!
2. Sweet Beet Cookies from Weelicious  DONE!
3. Beet Falafel from Marmande in the Kitchen 
4. Beet & Coconut Halwa from Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen 
5. Red Beet Pancakes from Weelicious 
6. Creamy Beet Risotto from Domestic Goddess in Training  DONE!
7. Beet Gratin from TasteFood 
8. Potato & Beet Pancakes from Cookistry 
9. Beet Hummus from Food~Fitness~Fresh Air 
10. Fresh Beet Pasta from bell'alimento
11. Beet Gelato from A Good Appetite
12. Beet Ravioli from bon appetit
13. Beet Cupcakes from Weelicious  DONE!
14. Chocolate Beet Fudge Cake from The World of Food and Cooking
15. Beet Cake from Chef Wanabe
16. Red Beet Bread from Taste for Adventure  DONE!
17. Beet Soup from Karina
18. Heart-Beet Ravioli from Dirty Kitchen Secrets  DONE!
19. Beet Gnocchi from Menu Turistico
20. Sweet Beet Pie from Gourmeted
21. Chocolate Beet Tea Loaf from Luna Cafe  DONE!
22. Beetloaf from The Stripey Cat
23. Sweet Beet Cake from Tested, Proven & Approved

Off to the kitchen i go! Wish me luck!
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  1. Oh, this is genius! Thanks for putting this list together. I've been inundated with beets all summer, but all I've been doing with them is roasting them...

  2. I've never worked with them before and i'l;l be damned if all i do is roast them! I'm SO glad you like the list, i'm making bread and the donuts tomorrow! =) Even just plain they don't taste that bad! (i may be growing up here eating my veggies LOL!!) I'll keep an eye on your posts, see what you come up with =P


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